Inside Portside – October 2018 – People of Portside

Name: Juliana Castro

Business: Dendy Cinemas

Role in the business: Publicity & Events Manager

1. Tell us a bit about Dendy Cinemas?

The Dendy Icon group is one of Australia’s leading independent cinema and film distributors. Comprising of Icon Film Distribution and Dendy Cinemas, the group focuses on quality feature films and alternative content within the Australian and New Zealand markets. As well as its core film programming, Dendy Cinemas is home to the vibrant Dendy Arts program which features Opera, Ballet and world-class theatre productions from National Theatre Live and Royal Shakespeare.

2. Tell us a little bit about your role as Publicity & Events Manager at Dendy Cinemas Portside Wharf?

As a Publicity and Events Manager it is my job to plan and organise Cinema events from private hires to internal screenings and premieres. I am also responsible for promoting and advertising our movies and screenings to the Brisbane market.

3. What are your top three films of all time?

  1. Life is Beautiful
  2. Gone with the Wind
  3. Titanic

4. What are some of the benefits about being a Dendy club member?

Members get a serious discount on any ticket, any session, all year round! Plus 10% off at the candy bar and access to exclusive screenings!

5. What new releases should we be looking out for over the next few months?

Look out for great films like Widows, Bohemian Rhapsody and Fantastic Beasts.

6. Being a local at Portside Wharf, what is your favourite go to meal in the precinct?

I absolutely love Gusto da Gianni’s Pizza, especially the Prosciutto Pizza. My partner and I have a long standing tradition to eat pizza every Sunday night so most of our Sundays are spent at Gusto da Gianni.

7. What’s your favourite movie snack?

I’ve become addicted to Dendy’s Choctops! Every time I see a movie, I need to have a Choctop.

8. What is something interesting that we might not know about you?

I have a passion for learning different languages. I speak four languages fluently including English, Portuguese, Spanish and German. I’ve decided to learn French next.

9. If you could invite three people from the film industry – dead or alive – to dinner, who would you invite and why?

  1. Meryl Streep – whom in my opinion is the best actress alive.
  2. Walt Disney – for everything he represents and how he revolutionized the industry.
  3. Charles Chaplin.

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