Mother’s Day pop-out cards

Learn how to make a pop-out bouquet of flowers in a card to give your Mum this Mother’s Day.
1 x A4 coloured card
3 x A6 coloured card pieces
1 x A6 green card
Black pen
1. Place the A4 coloured card in landscape view in front of you. Fold the card evenly in half to make the card base.
2. On the A6 coloured card pieces, draw a variety of flower shapes and sizes using a pencil.
3. Cut all of your flowers out. Also cut some long thin strips of varying lengths from your A6 piece of green card. These will be the stems for your flowers. Cut out some green leaves too. For younger children, you may want to pre-cut some flowers for them, and they can cut the green flower stems themselves with your help.
4. Open up the folded card base, so that you’re looking at the inside of the card. Leave a 2-3cm space at the bottom of the card, then glue down 5-6 green stems in the centre of the card on either side of the fold. Try not to glue anything directly on the fold line, as this will make it difficult to close the card. Next glue some of your flowers on top of the flower stems. Save some of your cut flowers for the front of your card.
5. With some leftover coloured card, cut a medium sized rectangle big enough to cover the base of the flower stems.
6. Fold the rectangle card in half like a mini card. This will be a triangular wrapping paper base for the flower bouquet.
7. Open your card out, then fold the two bottom corners of the card up towards the top edge to make a folded triangle shape on each side.
8. Trim the corner off the triangle shapes, leaving a small lip on the edge of the folded card.
9. Turn the triangular bouquet base over and glue on each of the lips. Line the flower base up with the fold in the main card base and stick it down over the bottom of the flower stems.
10. Glue 4 extra flower stems and flowers on to the inside edge of the triangular flower base. These will make your flowers look like they’re really popping out. Glue some extra coloured card dots into the centre of your flowers to finish them off.
11. On the front of your card, glue down your remaining flowers. Add some detailed decoration to the flowers using a fine black pen. Write a lovely message on the front and inside your card, and give to your Mum your beautiful pop out flower bouquet card on Sunday the 10th of May.

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